I have been working on my own and clients projects related to SEO for more than 5 years, the main goal have been ranking for the main keywords with a simple design, making some changes in templates for get the things how I want, these are the main examples:


Site related to procedures in Colombia, with more than 100.000 visits in a month in some months.


Site related to tattoes with more than 25.000 visits each month.


Sites related to information about medical appointments with more than 28.000 visitors each month.

Web Development

This are some projects related to web development, modified acording to the client requierements, that includes modification of code in the template and styles with CSS.


Website made with a wordpress template and modified acording to the client requierements


Website made with Elementor from scratch oriented to sell templates on Hotmart.

Mobile Development

This projecs have been made with React Native, considering ASO rules and some of them have been promoted through Adwords to acquire new users.